The Cause

The Cause – What is “Pacing for the Cure”?

Inspired by the love of: harness racing, horses, giving back to our community, and our entrepreneurial spirit, Janine and I have developed a concept to tie it all together. We have been fortunate in life to be raised by two very caring and generous families. As we grow older, we encounter many people who suffer with the burden of chronic illnesses that challenge their daily living. We each have a family member afflicted with a chronic illness that affects the nervous system called Multiple Sclerosis. My father, Mr. Bill G, has been coping with it for over 30 years and Janine’s sister, Dr. Kim K, for over 20 years. During this time, our families and many friends have played key roles in supporting them with love and compassion while watching their strength and courage inspire us all.

On a spring day in March, 2014, MR BILL G, the pacing colt, was born at Winbak Farm, Chesapeake City, Maryland. We did not realize that our paths would eventually cross to join forces on this amazing journey. It all started with a one page pedigree description of hip # 765 in the Harrisburg Sale Black Book and led us to purchase him at the Harrisburg yearling sale on November 4th, 2015. We call it fate and believe that he was born to help us fulfill the vision to “pace for the cure”.

So what is our vision? We plan to leverage the healing power of horses with the human connection to fight the battle to overcome chronic illnesses starting with Multiple Sclerosis. Through this website, we hope to create a positive diversion from the daily challenges that weigh heavily on individuals afflicted with chronic illness and their families, while adding some fun and entertainment watching MR BILL G progress toward his racing career and give us his all to help raise money to support the cause.