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Multiple Sclerosis Research InstituteThe goal of the MSRI is to perform the highest quality research and to provide outstanding education about this research in the field of Multiple Sclerosis. The research is focused on unraveling the cause of this devastating disease while bringing us closer to new, more safe treatments.

It has become clear that a class of T-cells (cells that help and regulate immune responses) known as regulatory T-cells (Treg) are key to the development of tissue specific autoimmune diseases such as MS; where the immune system damages myelin, the insulator of nerve fibers.

Dr. GreensteinResearch at MSRI is dedicated solely to studying function of the human immune system to determine what allows autoimmunity to occur in MS. Dr. Greenstein has identified a failure of Treg to control immune responses to certain proteins in the body, which is latent, but which becomes fully manifest when the disease is active. The project uses state-of-the-art technologies such as flow cytometry cell analysis, flow cytometry cell sorting, DNA and RNA sequencing, in vitro (in cells in the lab) gene engineering, PCR and the study of gene regulation to investigate why MS occurs, how it modifies immune cell function, and how this pathway can be prevented or modified to control the disease.

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  • Message from Dr. Greenstein   Message from Dr. Greenstein Curing MS is my life’s work. As you know, MS not only changes the lives of those affected by it, but it also touches the lives of their families and friends. My mission in founding the Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute (“MSRI”) is to FIND the cause, STOP the progression and CURE the ...