The Journey

  • Message from Dr. Greenstein

      Message from Dr. Greenstein Curing MS is my life’s work. As you know, MS not only changes the lives of those affected by it, but it also touches the lives of their families and friends. My mission in founding the Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute (“MSRI”) is to FIND the cause, STOP the progression and […]

  • Mr. Bill G’s Vital Statistics

    Question: What are his initial key measurements as a one year old colt? Answer: (as measured Dec 5th 2015) Girth (where harness sits): 70” Withers (shoulder blades) to Tailbone (backbone-where tail hair starts): 45”  Foot to Withers (height): 62”  Ankle to Elbow (back of front leg): 32” His potential height is estimated at 2x the […]

  • Mr. Bill G, A Day At The Farm

    It’s been four months since Mr. Bill G arrived at his new home in Delaware and he has settled into quite a routine. His day starts at 7am with the trainer, Jody, putting him on the equiciser for 10-15 minutes while his stall is cleaned and his space is prepped with new straw. When he returns, […]

  • Mrs. Barbara G, New Jersey

    My story begins at birth. I was born in 1962 with very mild Cerebral Palsy (CP) affecting my left side. My mother was only 22 years old. Although I did not realize it at the time, this was the beginning of a very long journey that continues to this day (54 years later) for my […]

  • Mr. Bill G, New Jersey

    I first met Mr. Bill G around 1995 when I bought my first home in South Jersey and near his home in the same town. At that time Bill, or as I affectionately call him, “Willie”, was getting around with the aid of a wheelchair, scooter, and walker. I was dating his son Jeff who […]

  • Dr. Kim K, Pennsylvania

    Growing up in a devout Catholic family, I have often heard the phrase “angels on earth”. As you know angels on earth carry out God’s work by protecting, guiding, consoling, supporting others in this life. My sister, Dr. Kimberly K is truly an angel on earth. As the oldest sister of three girls in my […]